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Below are bios sent for our 40 year reunion. Much has happened in 10 years, so email your updates and bios toward our 50th.
Wayne Hupfer:   Here is a brief bio of my last 40 years! After graduation from Ramapo, I entered academe in a serious way, picking up degrees in English Literature from Villanova (B.A.), the University of Chicago (M.A.) and the University of Massachusetts (PhD). I taught for several years at a community college outside Boston (in Wellesley,Mass.) then, in 1975, began work for a major publishing company in Richmond, Virginia. I fell in love with Richmond and with Virginia, although I was traveling all the time. Rather that accept an editor's position in Columbus, Ohio (home base of Charles Merrill Publishing, where I was working) I decided, in 1979, to return to school and pick up a law degree in order to stay in Richmond, practice Criminal and personal injury law, and enjoy the Virginia scenery! After finishing law school at William and Mary in 1982, I spent about six years with a local firm, specializing in personal injury law. We won the highest award ever given in the state of Virginia for a 37 year old man with seven children who was rendered a quadraplegic by a negligent truck driver who rammed him from behind while this unfortunate gentleman was waiting to pay a toll. In 1992, after discovering that I was more in love with the intellectual give and take of legal theory than I was in the nitty gritty of law practice, I returned to teaching. (my first love!) Since then, I have been a professor of literature and law at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia (about 15 miles North of Richmond). I spent seven years as "the married man" (1983-1990) but we discovered we were better as friends than we were as lovers! (we' ve remained friends!) I have been happily single for the past 11 years (no kids), and expect to move to Southwest Florida next year (teaching position at the University of South Florida, Sarasota campus) I acquired a condo down in Englewood (30 miles south of Sarasota) several years ago and have fallen in love with the area. I really look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in October. Appreciate all the great work the committee has done to make this possible. We have a whole lot of interesting people from the Class of '62 out there! 

Linda Woodbury-Drukker: Upon graduation from Ramapo, I commuted to New York City for a one year course at Berkeley School, got a job in the human resources department of a major company.  Shortly after, Rhine and I married, bought our home in Franklin Lakes where we raised Darren, now 35 years old and Kelley, 30. 

After working several years for Rhine in his contracting business, at age 30, I went back to school to earn my bachelor’s degree in business.  During that time, I loved all the activities of raising a family. 

It was a 25 pound weight gain over the years that changed my life.  The backaches and headaches plagued me everyday, but it was my vain nature that drove me to Diet Center, a national weight-loss franchise.  Eight weeks later, I felt like a million and started working there as a counselor to share my success with others.  Opportunity knocked, and I responded purchasing 3 direct franchises in Wyckoff, Ridgewood and Ramsey.  That was 1984 and I am still in love with my business.  Everyday my clients reward me with their stories of happiness and improved quality of life.  Presently, the offices are in Wyckoff and Midland Park, so conveniently close to home. 

Rhine and I parted ways in 1998, but have a good relationship as we share the love and concerns of our adult children…and I am so grateful for that. I moved back to Wyckoff where I grew up.  Surrounded by wonderful, supportive, caring family and friends, life is good!  Working on the reunion plans has been fun, and I look forward to visiting with everyone in October. 

Lois Sgrosso-Was: It's been 40 wonderful years since graduation. I've been so very fortunate and extremely blessed along the way.  I followed Frenchy Was (dating since the Nov.27, 1959 Thanksgiving sock-hop!) to Wagner College and I graduated 3 1/2 years later. We married in August 1965 which was the best thing I've done!  I started teaching in Midland Park while Frenchy started with Sears Roebuck. Unfortunately, he was called to serve our country 7 months later. It was terrifying, but we accepted the challenge rather than my becoming pregnant to avoid it. It turned out to be an exciting and enlightening experience for both of us. 

Kentucky and Virginia were the first 2 assignments. I joined him and taught in the local schools.  Next was Seoul, Korea. (not Vietnam!)  We lived there for 11 months and enjoyed this unique experience. We were lucky to travel to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We came back home to finish his service in Manhattan while I taught in Hawthorne. 

Finally, we were out of the military and on the move again!  Resuming his work with Sears, we moved to Waterbury, Ct. for 2 years, Brewer, Maine for 1 year, and Cheshire, Ct. for 5 years.  Surprisingly,  I was able to teach in those various areas while Frenchy changed companies along the way. While in Cheshire we had our 2 sons. I terminated teaching to become a full-time wife and mother. 

Our last move brought us back to NJ and we settled in beautiful Franklin Lakes. I taught in Wanaque and school vacations found the 4 of us traveling to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, St.Thomas, Nassau, Jamaica, Bermuda, Canada, England, France and numerous places in the U.S.  Eventually, our boys also graduated from Ramapo!! 

Presently, we still reside in Franklin Lakes with our 2 sons. Jeff is a stock trader and Darren is an account manager at a large company. They help to keep us young (no gray yet!) and always busy around here. 

I retired in 2000 and absolutely love it! I'm always busy and, best of all, I live in our Ft. Lauderdale condo during January thru April.  Frenchy comes down every other week. We love the winter and relaxed lifestyle down there. 

Frenchy is a retail consultant with Felenstein, Was Associates in NYC.  He stays very busy since this is the 2nd largest firm of its kind in the country.  He also owns a store in The Mohegan Sun (Ct. gambling casino). Hopefully, he'll retire in a couple of years, we'll sell our big house, and then move into the nearby townhouse we recently purchased. We hope to live 7 months up here and 5 down in Florida. 

Life has been great as God has truly blessed us. 

I'm deeply saddened upon viewing the "In Memoriam" list , but am anxious to see all of you at our 40th reunion!!! 

Take care and I'll see you in Oct. 
P.S. Thanks to the reunion committee for doing such a fantastic job! 

Ron Bosshardt:  As I see it, life's journey for me began in September 1961, in first period study hall. I was sitting in the back of the classroom with Steve Mitura, critiquing the new freshman coming into the room when my eyes caught sight of a beautiful girl. For some inexplicable reason I turned to Steve and said, "Do you see that girl walking across the room" and Steve replied, "what about her" and I said, "I'm going to marry her someday." We both laughed but I was serious. Several days later, after football practice, I went back into the dark classroom and ruffled through the teacher's desk looking for the seating chart for the  morning study hall class. I quickly discovered my dream girl was named Janet Jarvis. 

In those days I considered myself a "big man on campus," full of confidence, football player and all that, but unfortunately had no nerve to approach Janet. What today would probably be considered a stalker, I observed which bus Janet got on after school and followed it in my 1951 Ford convertible. The bus proceeded to Oakland and I made note that Janet got off at 107 Franklin Avenue. I was now ready to make my move. The next day in school I gathered my nerve and approached her with the following line. "If I can guess your name and address, will you go out with me?" Being a naive freshman she agreed. Well, you can imagine her shock when I gave the correct answers. Our first date was that weekend and it was truly love at first sight. 

In February of 1963 I entered the US Navy and after basic training, I was assigned to an aircraft carrier, The Franklin D. Roosevelt, CVA-42 based out of Mayport, Florida. My job aboard the carrier was as the ships photographer, how rough can it get. This was truly a unique experience that brought me to the Guantanamo Naval base in Cuba for the tail end of the so-called "Cuban Missile Crisis." After Cuba, I sailed the Mediterranean Sea for six months before returning to homeport in Florida. During my naval service, Janet and I had broken-up and did not see each other again until I was discharged. Once reunited, the spark was once again ignited and we were married in 1968. This year we will be celebrating our 34th anniversary. 

We have two daughters, Danielle and Nicole. Our oldest, Danielle (28) has been married for over one year. In fact I relive that joyous event every month when I write the second mortgage payment check. Our youngest, Nicole (23) is still at home attending college and working. Our first six years of marriage were spent in Lincoln Park, NJ and since then we have been living in Denville, NJ. Janet has been with State Farm Insurance for the past 35 years. As for myself, I have worked for several companies such as Ford Motor, Household Finance, John Hancock Insurance, Fedders Air Conditioning, Motorola, Casio, Audiovox and The Equitable. They probably coined the phrase "job hopper" after me. At the present time I am associated with Fujinon, Inc., a division of Fuji Film, which manufactures endoscopes for the medical industry. My current position is Operations and Regulatory Affairs Manager. 

Janet and I have been very fortunate in that we have been able to travel quite extensively both for business and pleasure. Our journeys have taken us to Tahiti, Bora Bora, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, France, Bermuda, England, The Bahamas, Italy, Greece, the Virgin Islands, Switzerland, Germany, Barbados, Antigua and Japan. If anyone wants a recommendation, its Bora Bora. 

I have enjoyed reading the other bio's and feel blessed with the way my like has turned out, especially after reading the touching story of Rob and Barbara. Or of Bonnie and the heartache that she must have endured. And although not written about in any bio, I am aware of other classmates who have lost a spouse or a child and I cannot imagine a worse tragedy to befall someone. Life is indeed too short and the time is clearly flying by. In my mind I am just recently out of Ramapo, it cannot be 40 years already. But I know that it is and because of that startling fact, I am looking forward to making the most of the time that I have left. A small but important part is getting together with former friends and classmates to relive our youth by sharing memories of what were mostly good times in a world that no longer exists. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the reunion. 

Ron Esak:  Again -Wow - Just reading some of the Bios I really was not surprised. We had a great class-during an amazing time in life. The 60's live on. After Ramapo I went to Michigan State to learn to fly in the air force, Play Football, and take up Packaging. Stayed there 7 years and did it all. Best thing I came out of Mihigan with was my freshman wife Mary! When My Dad first saw a picture of her he was afraid he would have to bail me out of jail for robbing the cradle. We're going on 33 years and its getting even better every day, if that's possible. Two children Joe 29 and Lisa 31  They, and primarily Mary run our Plastics manufacturing business with plants in Hawthorne (ne of the two teams our ramapo team beat in HS football) and Ontario, California. This keeps me free to enjoy fishing, flying, scuba diving, hunting, boating and riding my Harleys with another class reprobate, Ronnie Wright. 

Kept my bands going right through MSU -- played 1 night with Kenny Rogers who has done a little better in music then I did. Played a few songs at my sons wedding which was the highlight for me. Also had a country western band while stationed in Germany. Got transferred Air Force to Army and earned all my ratings through Helicopter Flight Instructor. Best thing I brought out of Germany was my daughter Lisa -- born in Heidelberg. 

It's great to see all the classmates that have places in the south -- particularly florida. We are hoping to get together with a group sometime.  Our place is in Ft. Myers, just before the Sanibel Bridge, and since boating is my passion, I have fishing boats and jet skis there -- so come on down. If anybody is in The LBI ( Long Beach Island) area in the summertime, stop by the Mary Lynn II at Shelter Harbor, 12th street, right near Panzones and the ferris wheel. We take the Boat to florida and the bahamas and up to maine etc. Cruising is amazing I am totally involved and now have a Coast Guard 100 ton Masters Licence -- so Im still a Merchant Marine Officer. Was scheduled to be on a cruise in the harbor Sept. 11, and but we had cancelled a few days before. Would have liked to be there to help. 

Enough rambling on . I am very glad to see the E-Mails, Bios and just the reconnection of our classmates. We only spent a few years together in the scheme of things, but some of us have been fortunate enough to remain close -- either by being neighbors able to get to see each other often, or by phone visits etc. Even if it's only once in awhile, it is nice to have shared a part of our lives. Hope this reunion continues to give us more opportunities. 

Norma Calderon - Stehle:
50 Year UPDATE
…the last 10 years
“Where did I find the time to work” is a cliché I ponder daily now that I am retired.   My blessings abound the deeper into life I dig. Between civic responsibilities, disaster relief volunteering, visiting far away grandkids, and travelling for at least a month at a time, my life is chock full of adventure!  Karl & I are active members of Sustainable West Milford, farming in our community garden, harvesting fresh produce for our local food pantries, and working in the medicinal garden as well as taking courses in alternative medicine.  When the tsunami devastated Thailand in 2004, we “coincidentally” had tickets to meet our son for a dive vacation in Phuket. Looking at this as a calling, we began our volunteer work (after our diving) and helped Phuket get back on its feet.  Since then we have organized and lead work teams in rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Presently I am writing my bucket list for places I must see while I’m still YOUNG.  I hope to spend my 70th in Bhutan.  Anyone have any recommendations of where to eat there?

40 Year Bio
I think the rule of thirds used in photography is the best way to put order to my story. After high school I attempted higher education at Glassboro, majoring in art. That "worked" for a while, but my inner hurry up message was becoming more than a whisper, and by August '63 I was married. By the time I was 25, I had three children and was back in school, nights. It took me ten years to complete my bachelor's degree in elementary education, taking one course a semester. Some way to get out of the house! I thrived on learning from this prospective and sharing ideas, especially the tenets of feminism, with Ramapo pals, Angela, Karin, and Helen. Remember The Women's Room? That was us! I grew up with my kids, becoming a good scout, a backstage mom, and, of course, a cheerleader. I substituted in Vernnon schools for six years and finally, when Caryn, my youngest, was in third grade, I became a 7th grade science teacher in West Milford. The rebellious years of puberty played havoc in my household, most likely because I was ready to assert myself, too. After 20 years, I divorced my husband. One third down! 

Believing now, wholeheartedly, that there are no coincidences in life, recognition of my soul mate took several years and more angst than I choose to recall. But if asked to identify what propelled me on my course toward authenticity, it would be falling in love. Yes, Prince Charming kissed me awake and I've been growing into my integrity ever since...but not without some resistance, to which our blended family of 18 years can attest. Through Karl's activism and impeccable social conscience, I discovered my own environmental ethic and radical voice. (Remember the anti-styrofoam movement of the late '80's? We coined the Ronald McToxic campaign.) Together we became involved in the green movement, engaging in demonstrations and protests with students and other movers and shakers, the most inspiring being our own reunion web mother, Karin Westdyk. On summers off, we traveled the world, earning Earthwatch educational grants in the Amazon basin and the temperate rainforest of New Zealand. We did volunteer work in Papua New Guinea, canoed a stretch of the Kobuk River in the Arctic, camped in Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia dwelled, and walked from Dogon village to village in Mali, West Africa, to name a few of the most exotic people and places on earth. 

And now the final third looms on the horizon. This year will be my last year teaching. I've loved my career as science teacher and facilitator of gifted and talented education. I'm satisfied that I have made a difference if nothing more than to teach, facilitate, and design units of study with an environmental value attached. And here's a serendipitous thread...I plan to spend my time nurturing my grandbabies, weaving on my loom, organic gardening, and felting a yurt that will become our part-time shelter for far away places where life is simple and people regard the moment. (Wish I could have known Barb Meyers Grenell after Ramapo.) 

Tom Milligan: 
Manager - Air Force and OEM Business Development FLIR Systems Inc. Portland, OR 97224 
Click here to see Tom's old air force bio. 

Nan Loucks - Bayersdorfer:  Married John Bayersdorfer in 1969...still trying to spell my last name which means Bavarian Village.  Have two children, Erik 31 and Lauren 26, both out of college and working in big cities.  Lived the good life in LA and Santa Monica before the smog came.  Then back to NJ for 16 years and now in North Carolina for 12 years.  Did graduate work in International Marketing and Finance which finally led to my own company, Nanco Travel Services LLC, which specializes in Worldwide Custom Itineraries, like Helicopter Hiking and Mushroom Gathering.   Also sponsor and lead trips all over the world.  Don't think I will ever retire.  Husband retired from International Marketing in Textiles. Still growing up. 

Angela Montemarano: After graduating from Ramapo, obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Education from Fairleigh Dickenson, got married and taught 3rd grade in Paterson for 3 years. It was the 60s, I wanted to make a difference, so I chose teaching in a ghetto area to help kids there get "turned on to the excitement of ideas". After my marriage and attempt at making a difference through teaching failed, took a job in NYC as a print traffic manager for a 5th Ave. Ad Agency---loads of fun, no pay. When I asked why the guy they hired three months after me was making 58% more while I had to clean up 50% of the work on his accounts, my boss said...... and I quote, "Well, if you were a man you would be making the same." It was 1970 and it wasn't yet politically incorrect or illegal to say that. Gave my two week notice on the spot! That's when serendipity stepped in ( first time I really understood the meaning of our school paper's name ). A friend of mine who worked as a Corporate Methods Analyst at a company in North Bergen said he knew of a job for me. They were looking for someone to train under and replace his coworker who was getting married and moving to Albany in nine months. He said all it required was a good analytical mind and that knowing me, I'd have no problem. If I were interested, he would talk to his boss about me and if the boss was interested, he'd give him my number. That was the unplanned , unsought beginning of my 32 year career in what is now called Information Technology ( IT ). Don't be misled by the IT profession. The last thing I am is a "techie" and I HATE computers, especially PCs. Kind of ironic don't ya think? Anyway, I was a Systems Analyst with the North Bergen company till 1974 when I moved to Los Angeles and began working for the Southern California Region of Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente started in California in the 40s and is the first, largest, best and most unique HMO in the country. So I changed my attempt at making a difference by doing my part for the continued success of a non profit organization that truly does provide low cost, high quality, total health care. I started as a project manager, was Applications Manager of Patient Administration Systems for 10 years, Applications Manager of Health Plan (Insurance like) Systems for another 10 and for the past 4 years have been managing California Division IT Governance Planning and Support. Just prior to writing this bio, I gave notice of my decision to retire at the end of November this year. After 28 years, it's time to start a new life adventure. Not sure where I want to live or what I want to do, except for lots of travel. I am sure I'm ready for a change. It might even be picking up where I left off back in New Jersey. I still think Bergen County is one of the most beautiful places. Santa Barbara or Marin County in California ain't bad either. At the same time, I'm really scared and really excited about a totally unknown future. I'm also really enjoying hearing from and about all of you and can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. 
P.S. After graduating Ramapo, I also finally got enough self esteem to stop allowing myself to be called Angie. I always HATED it! Until I moved to New Jersey and started eighth grade at St. Elizabeth's in Wyckoff, I was never called anything but my given name, ANGELA. So PLEASE try hard. 

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