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Below are bios sent for our 40 year reunion. Much has happened in 10 years, so email your updates and bios toward our 50th.

The Grenells, Bob and Barbara, a beautiful love story and tribute to Barbara's life. Click here to read.

Bonnie Fisk -Wood:
50 Year Update: 
What have I done with the last 10 years?  Three events top the list with a fourth expected in late November.  Charles Fisk (yes, named after my father!) Lacey was born 4/24/2003 and Julia Rose Lacey was born 12/17/2005.  The parents are my wonderful son, Doug, and his wonderful wife, Marie.  Jonah Craig (my mother's maiden name!) was born 3/20/2009.  His parents are my wonderful son, Steve, and his wonderful wife, Heather.

My grandchildren fill my heart with joy.  I am still amazed by how much I love them.

My mother died in 2009 just four days before Jonah was born.  For the last 6 of her 92 years she lived at Sunrise Assisted Living two miles down the road from me.  I had the opportunity to take care of her and I treasure the time we spent together.  For a couple of months we were both on Medicare!

Even though my much-loved second husband, Clyde Wood, died 15 long years ago, I still enjoy a strong relationship with his children and their families.  He had six more grandchildren born in the last decade and they are all wonderful.

With a total of 13 grandchildren, my life is full.  There is always a birthday to celebrate.

I worked full time for Nationwide We're On Your Side until December 2008 when they left my side and closed down our office.  Finding myself unemployed just months before I turned 65 wasn't too traumatic since I had promised myself I was going to retire anyway.  When one of the young, now unemployed, Nationwide financial advisers opened his own office and asked me to run it for him, I jumped at the chance.  I have worked part-time for him for the last three and a half years.  It has turned out very well.  I have resisted working more than two or three days a week because the freedom of semi-retirement is so delicious.  Besides, I have to take Charley and Julia to karate on Tuesdays.

There was one guy a few years ago I considered marrying but in the end, decided against it.  So, I am still a widow on my own.  Not the life I would have chosen but it's mine to live and that's exactly what I am doing.  See you at the 50th Reunion!

40 Year Bio:
Hi Everybody. Here is my bio, most of which takes place in the last century. Good to have it ready in case A & E calls. I will try to follow Jerry's fine example of almost perfect spelling and grammar. After graduating from Douglass College in 66, I went on for a master's degree at Ohio State University. Also found a husband there and married David W. Lacey in 1969. Ohio Bell Telephone Company hired me and I ended up as the Personnel Manager of Employee Communications for Rochester Telephone in Rochester, NY. However, when we moved to Chatham, NJ and I had our first son, Douglass, in 1972, I became a stay-at-home mom and stayed there for 15 years loving every minute of it. Our second son, Steven, was born in 1975. We moved to Strafford, PA in 1979. When I ended up divorced in 1987, I did not think I would survive. But I did, and finished raising the boys who have somehow turned out to be terrific young men. Doug runs Arrow Pool installation and service where he has worked since he was a freshman in high school. He did graduate from college. Took him 6 years, but he got his degree. He married his beautiful and wonderful wife, Marie, in 1998. Steve is a graduate student at the University of Michigan on his way to a Ph.D. in neuropsychology. He has a special gal in his life, Heather Pond, also a grad student at Michigan, and I have my fingers crossed for this one. I went back to work in 1987. My best job of many was production manager for a small but creative advertising agency near home. When we were sold to a downtown Philadelphia agency, I commuted into the city for almost a year but just couldn't stand it. I am now the printing and fulfillment coordinator for Provident Mutual Life Insurance, soon to be taken over by Nationwide. I was a single mom for what seemed forever when I met Clyde H. Wood on Jan. 2, 1991. He, too, was single as his wife had died in 1986 of cancer at the tragically young age of 42. He brought great joy, and I mean great joy, to me and my sons.  His four children welcomed us into their family and Clyde and I were married in 1993. I sold my house and moved my boys and 19,000 pounds of household goods into Clyde's home in Exton, PA. Yes, we were Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde and I were in Bermuda celebrating his 60th birthday in the spring of 1997. I remember thinking then that he was as full of life as a teenager. A few weeks later he died. Suddenly and without warning. An autopsy revealed it was bacterial meningitis. I can't begin to tell you what a loss this was. My life is blessed now with my sons, my daughter-in-law, my two stepdaughters, my two stepsons, my two stepsons-in-law, my stepdaughter-in-law, a stepdaughter-in-law to be, hopefully another daughter-in-law and six of the most beautiful stepgrandchildren you have ever seen with two more due in July. Don't worry, I will bring pictures to the reunion. 

Michael P. Walsh: Teacher/Writer/Park Ranger. Graduated: Arizona State University  -- Education major; Fresno State University -- US/Latin American History; University of California/Berkley  -- Masters Degree in Energy Education; California Specialized Training Institute -- Graduate work in Disaster Preparedness. Teacher: Fresno Unified School District, 1967-May 2002. 1998 Fresno County Teacher of the year. Director of Disaster Preparedness/Energy Conservation Fresno Unified School District. Writer of Elementary Curriculum Science Materials -- Project Aims. Yosemite National Park Ranger -- Summer only. Married to Helen for 35 years, one son, Lt. Cammander William S. Walsh, US Navy Pilot.

Carol Vander Horn -Van Dyk: Married 38 years in September. Husband passed away in April 2001 after 15 1/2 month battle with cancer. I have 2 daughters and 1 son. My oldest daughter is an x-ray tech at Mountanside Hospital and was a clinical instuctor at Valley Hospital X-ray school. She has 2 daughters - 10 and 6. My second daughter is a nurse in the ICU at Holy Name Hospital and has 2 sons- 4 1/2 and 15 months.  The grandkids keep me busy. My son is single and with the FBI based in New York City. He just returned home from 7 weeks in Salt Lake working the Olympics. I work 4 days a week for two hand surgeons in Paramus.  We enjoyed Cape May, the adirondacks, Aruba and when the kids were younger camping.  Enjoy going to Broadway plays and local plays. 

Jerry Winter:
50 Year UPDATE: After graduating from Ramapo in 1962, I graduated from Rutgers U. School of Journalism in 1966. After a year at The Ridgewood News, I was a photo illustrator with my own business in Manhattan until 1992. I've been a financial consultant for the past 20 years with TFS Securities, Inc. in Lyncroft, NJ. I have two homes, one in Manchester, NJ where my wife, Sophia, and I enjoy the Jersey shore in the summer, and another in Tampa, FL where we now enjoy the winter seasons. I consider myself semi-retired from my financial consulting business at, and I continue my writing career at Several of my short stories have been published in the past two years at Connotation Press, and Gryphon Books' Hardboiled magazine. I've worked with the New York Writer's Workshop the past three years. I was divorced from my first wife, Caroline, and was remarried to Sophia the same year in 2007. My daughter, Kimberly Winter Mako, graduated from Indian Hills in 1987 and Syracuse U. in 1991 and resides in Asheville, NC with her husband Chris. My son, Jeremy Winter, graduated from Indian Hills in 1992, and Ramapo College in 1997. He taught English at Ramapo H.S. 2008-2010, but currently teaches at Bergen Catholic and resides in Denville, NJ with his wife, Jennifer. Fifty years is a long time to have been an adult, but eighteen years was not nearly long enough to have been a minor with unwavering ideals.

40 Year Bio: After graduating from Rutgers in '66, I worked in NYC as a commerical artist, started my own studio in '72 and was a photographic illustrator till '92 when computers changed the business and I decided to change careers at age 48. I have been a financial consultant for TFS Securities in Lincroft, NJ for 10 years. I married my wife Caroline, a Douglass College "coupie", in '68 and we lived in East Rutherford till '71, in Pompton Lakes till '79, back to my Oakland routes till '93, Pequannock till '99, and currently live in Whiting, N.J. Caroline and I have been separated for over a year, but we share the joys of our daughter Kim, 32, an actress who's been on "As the World Turns" and "Law & Order", and numerous other dramatic performances, though the one's from her age 13 remain most prominent in my mind, and our son Jeremy, 27, alias "Jett Brando" who performs regularly in clubs, was on the top of the charts in Japan as a rocker, but also subs at Ramapo and Indian Hills teaching English. Somehow amidst this busy life I've had four books published, the most recent, The Lost Book of Annabella, available at  I bought a new car on 9/11 and have put over 20,000 miles on it servicing financial clients in north Jersey and retreating to south Jersey working on my newest book, Crossings, based on many autobiographical experiences from my adolescence in Queens till age 6 and then in Oakland as a teenager. This work is in progress, but is under consideration for numerous grants and awards, so wish me good luck. I look forward to this reunion.

Award winning excerpt from Jerry's Book Crossings, titled The Empty House

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