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Below are bios sent for our 40 year reunion. Much has happened in 10 years, so email your updates and bios toward our 50th.
Elaine Kauflin Popewiny
50 Year Bio:
I have been married to Harry Popewiny (class of 1961) for 46 years.  Over those years we have lived in Maryland, Virgina, Illinois, Colorado, but the majority of time in Ohio.  We have two daughters and a son and four grandchildren.  Our one daughter and two grandchildren live only four miles away from our home in Howard, Ohio. I feel very fortunate to have them near.  The other two children live in Maryland and California.
I graduated from The Paterson Hospital School of Nursing in 1965, and furthered my education by graduating with a BSN from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.  I worked as a RN in many different capacities....Hospitals, Head Start, Public Health, Pediatricians office, Community College, and Hospice.  I retired twice...once from the county health department when Harry was transferred out of state and the second time from Hospice.  I loved being a nurse, but my jobs always centered around availability for my family.
Presently, we are both retired living on a small lake in the center of Ohio.  I enjoy reading, playing cards, working in the yard, helping others, traveling and most of all spending time with family and friends.  My mother is still living in Wyckoff.  My family remains very close and love getting together as frequently as possible.  We just had a family reunion in Port St Lucie, Florida for my sisters 70th birthday.
Over the years I have not kept in touch with any high school classmates and am looking forward to our 50th.

Joe Minarick
50 Year Update: Over the past 10 years I have gradually cut the work hours and will probably call it quits altogether around the end of this year.  This has provided the opportunity for more travel and Carol and I have spent time almost yearly in Italy and France.  We have two grandchildren – Calista and Aiden – who live with their mother in Utah.  We stay connected by email but don’t see them very often, which is unfortunate.  Carol still spends much of her time making art and has had many shows.  In 2008 we bought a sailboat and get out on the water when we can.  I also race on Wednesday nights.  Sailboat maintenance, house maintenance, our local neighborhood association, ranting about politics from local to national and oh, the fun things, keep us very busy.

40 Year Bio: After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in electrical engineering I spent five years in the Navy in Washington, DC, working on the staff of Admiral Rickover, the head of the naval nuclear power program.  I met my wife Carol while in DC and we were married in 1969.  She enrolled at the Corcoran School of Art and I took a couple of night classes with her.  When I left active duty we spent six months bicycling and taking trains through Europe (paid for using the two months of leave I hadn’t taken while on active duty!) and then returned to DC, where I spent a year taking additional art classes, primarily in photography.  In 1973 we moved to Lynchburg, VA, where I worked for Babcock and Wilcox.  Carol hated the place.  Our son Joe was born there, which was one plus for Lynchburg.  By 1976 I was tired of the engineering work I was doing, and enrolled in the MFA program in photography at the University of Delaware.  After receiving the degree in 1978, I taught photography part time for a number of years and also returned to engineering, this time in Oak Ridge, TN, with a then small consulting company named Science Applications, doing risk analysis for nuclear utilities, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the FAA and NASA.  Some of my work has been in Europe, mostly Spain (Barcelona), which has been great.  Unlike a number of our classmates, I am still working full time, but am looking forward to ramping down in the next year or so.  Maybe then I will be able to spend more time with photography.  We recently bought a second house in the historic district in Easton, a town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Easton is about one and a half hours from DC and four hours from New York and northern New Jersey; much better for us since we can’t quite kick our northeast roots.  Carol has a large studio in Easton and spends most of her time there.  We are in the process of gradually moving from Oak Ridge, bucking the Class of 1962’s mass migration to Florida.

Irene Pipines Kittrell - Earned a degree in education from Wake Forest University and in nursing from Florida State University and have been an RN for 25 years. For the last 9 years I’ve been a teacher and consultant with the Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina Health Care System in Chapel Hill. The department is responsible for infection control education for over 5,000 healthcare workers. Our other duties include inspection, surveillance, outbreak investigation and policy formulation for the healthcare system, which includes three hospitals and many regional outpatient clinics. We serve as faculty for the Statewide Infection Control Program, teaching infection control to nurses, physicians and public health professionals from medical centers throughout the Southeast. As a special project for the Statewide Program, a colleague and I wrote the North Carolina State Guidelines for Control of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms. 

In free time I enjoy visiting my parents in Wilmington and spending time with my sister, Mary (Ramapo, Class of ’68) and her family. Mary became North Carolina’s “First Lady” when her husband, Michael Easley, was elected Governor in January, 2001. At home in Swepsonville (pop. 900) I enjoy nature photography, playing keyboard and guitar and hiking with canine companions, Babe, a black Lab, and Toby, a Corgie/Sheltie. My favorite place is the Sierra Nevada and several years ago a friend and I climbed Mt.Whitney. 

It has been great to learn about all the accomplishments of the Class of ’62. We’ve certainly lived in interesting times. Best wishes to all for a wonderful 40th reunion. 

Kathy Trefethen-Smith -When I left Ramapo in 1961 I got married, and a year later got divorced.  I remarried Raymond Smith in 1963. We have 4 children – 3 girls and 1 boy.  The children are all grown and we have 7 grandchildren.  We lived in up state NY, but the weather was so severe that I was getting hives from the cold air, so the Dr. said go south. So we came to Florida and have been here ever since.  I went to St. Petersburg Junior College for Human Services, working with the retarded but it was such a heart break to see so many children and adults that way, I just couldn’t do that for the rest of my life. In the mean time, I was just a housewife with 4 kids and trying to make a life for them.  As they grew up and left the house, my life was changing so fast. I didn’t have the kids to worry about. Hubby had a job with Whittle Communication and Whittle was installing Channel One in the school system. We began to travel the United States for 2 years. We went from coast to coast, city to city, state to state. What a wonderful job that was. I got to be copilot..:-) 

After that was over in 1992, I worked for a company delivering autos around the state of  Florida, which I loved.  But wouldn’t you know that all good things come to an end. I was in an auto wreck in1992 that almost crippled me, and my great job had to come to a end. I went back to school and graduated in1996 out of Ptch with a degree in business and am now working for Facs Group as a collector for Finger Hut. I am one of 3 top collectors for my company, and I’m proud that I have come this far with them. 

Our Children are all success in the fields of life they chose for themselves. Our oldest daughter just graduated from Eckerd College with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Our second daughter is a nurse. Our third daughter is a CNA, and our son is a MicroSoft Engineer.  As you all can see we have done great.   I hope this has brought you all up to date on what has been going on in my life for the last 40years. And I can’t wait for retirement in 3 years. 

John Rauscher - 
50 Year Update:  “First of all,  thank you to the Reunion Committee for making the 50th Reunion a reality!

Since our last reunion, Paula and I have built our downsized retirement home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the upstate of South Carolina.  We love our rural area, with four distinct seasons including mild winters and warm summers.  Even though I officially retired several years ago, I continue to consult for Andritz, working mainly from home but with occasional travel to keep things interesting.  Paula works part time as a veterinarian technician and enjoys gardening and riding her horse “Skeeter”.  Recently, I’ve finally started to reassemble my Lionel layout - mainly for our first grand baby, who just turned one.  Paula and I enjoy playing with the dogs, exploring the local area, tailgating at Clemson and watching our Tigers play. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion”.  New Photo Here.

40 year bio:
After completing my PhD in Engineering at UCLA, I joined United Technologies Corp. in Hartford, CT. where I met my wife Paula while taking horseback riding lessons. We were married in 1974 and have two daughters. Janet, the oldest, is an editor at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and does a lot of globetrotting. Kate, the youngest, just graduated from Clemson University in SC. She will enter the teaching profession this fall. I left United Technologies in 1976 and entered the pulp and paper industry where I have been since. I am now Director of Technology for Andritz Inc. in Alpharetta, GA, where we have lived for the past 12 years. We really like the Atlanta area and weather but are beginning to really dislike the traffic. Andritz is a manufacturer of pulp and paper equipment and systems and is based in Austria and Finland but has a very large presence in NA. Paula and my daughters enjoy horseback riding (I got over it) and we now have two horses. We also are the lucky parents of a standard poodle pup, "Jake". My free time is spent exercising and jogging.

One of my most vivid memories from Ramapo was waiting to be picked up after taking some college prep exams (I think) and seeing John Ed Hoyer's 1940 burgundy LaSalle sedan cruise by. That got me hooked on old cars. We are attending the reunion - thanks to the reunion committee for making this possible. Hope to see everyone there. 

Gary Fiedler - It’s time for me to cough up my bio. I moved to Wyckoff and joined you all as a sophomore. Three years at Ramapo couldn’t have been more fun. Miss Elliot thought I was a scientist. Janet Dunning kept me in the first row of her math classes; that’s where you sat when your grades were the worst. Hank Rumana kept telling me to “strain my milk” in gym and cross-country. Boggio knew I couldn’t hit, throw or catch a baseball. La Conte knew I couldn’t read or write. And most of all, Mrs. Jacobson agreed with La Conte and couldn’t stand my dating her daughter, our classmate, Jill. How much fun could you have!!

After Ramapo, I went to and eventually graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an intermediate 2-year term in the Army. Joanne (River Dell ’64) and I have been married for 37 years. Two kiddos, Eric is 30-something living in Denver and Kristen is almost-30 married and living in Los Angeles. It’s great to be lying about your kid’s ages. 

I spent my career as a banker and then doing business turnarounds. In order, we lived in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Reno, Dallas, Pittsburgh, London, Palm Beach, San Diego, and Palm Beach. 

We’re now retired and living in Wellington, FL (near Palm Beach). I play golf, read books and travel. Joanne does all those things with me and owns and rides hunter-jumper show horses. 

I can’t wait to see you all again at our reunion this fall. 

Linda Levandosky-Gnau -  Here I am basking in the sunshine of the glorious south...Daytona Beach, Florida.  I have not changed much, of course the hair is alittle more "grayer" but I am in pretty good shape for an' old gal. It was great to hear from Ronnie "Buzzard" Bosshardt, a blast from the past. I've been here since 1975, and working at the Police Department ever since. I've been an Officer on the street, Fingerprint Specialist (Forensics), Crime Scene, and my present assignment, Evidence & Property. I have my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice along with a few of those "Cover the Wall" specialty certificates. I married Richard in 1985 (yes, I waited until I did everything I wanted to do BEFORE I got married). We have one cat named Sally. I've lost both of my parents which has been the real hadrship of my life. They were great people.(remember all the parties they hosted back in Wyckoff?). My sister Sue (Susan Levandosky Colgan) lives in nearby Deland and is now divorced from Charlie, who lives in nearby Debary. Well I guess we have Tommy Kinack to thank for our gas prices, now we have someone to blame...Seriously Tommy "How are you"?. Ya'all take care.

Bob Cook - Graduation from Ramapo was followed by four years at Muhlenberg College and then satisfying my military obligation in the NJ Air National Guard. In 1970, I married Susan Vandersnow, and moved to Westfield, NJ where we still live today. Our lives have been blessed by three children Rob 26, Timothy 23, and Allison 20. As for work I am currently the head of Information Technology Consulting Company, STAR Solutions. My preceding employment include: CIO at Hunter Douglas Inc, Director of MIS at Perdue Farms, Director Strategic Planning at McGraw Hill, Director of MIS Planning at A&P, and the Director MIS Operations at Supermarkets General Corp. 

Raising our family in Westfield has included all the routine parenting roles: scouting, coaching, driving instructor etc. While our kids have grown, we have been able to enjoy summers together in Ocean City, Maryland. While it becomes more and more difficult as they grow older, our family still manages to find time for all of us to enjoy the beach and boating in Maryland. Likewise our winters include skiing at Bromley Mountain, VT. 

I am not sure what comes next. I am not ready to retire and Sue enjoys teaching first grade two blocks from the house in Westfield. We do enjoy traveling and are still looking for that perfect place to retire. Florida looks attractive especially in Ponte Vedra Beach and Jupiter Island. We still like New Jersey, and as long as our children are here we probably will stay. Looking forward to seeing the class of ’62 at the reunion.

Kathy O'Connor-Gati 
50 Year UPDATE: Dave and I retired in 2006 and moved to Hot Springs Village, Ark.  We both belong to Kiwanis and play a little golf.  I sing in our local Sweet Adelines chorus, a community chorus, and my church choir.  We both still love to travel.  Last Sept. we took a cruise around the Baltic that included a 2 night stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. We now have 5 grandchildren.  My son and daughter-in-law in El Dorado, Ark., have 3 children, Gabrielle, 15, Isabella, 12, and Everett, 9. My younger son manages a golf course in San Antonio. He and his wife have 2 children, Ryan Patricia, who will be 3 in April, and Landon, who was born in January.

40 Year BIO:
After graduating from RRHS, I attended Douglass College. I met my husband Dave there and we were married in between my junior and senior years. I was pregnat with my daughter Karen when I graduated from Douglass with a BA in math. Karen was born with muliple handicaps and I became a stay-at-home mom after graduation. Dave worked for Jersey Central Power and Light and we lived in various towns in nj, Old Bridge, Oakhurst (near Asbury Park), and Budd Lake. Then in 1978 Dave made a career change to work in the chemical industry. By that time we had two more children, sons Ken and Michael. In 1983, I started taking computer classes at LSU to update my credentials. My first three semesters were fun, but the 4th was a killer, very time consuming. I went to visit 2 friends who worked at the LSU library to whine about my schedule when they told me there were jobs available at the library. Talk about serendipity. I've been in library work ever since in cataloging. I got involved in this career just as librairies were becoming almost completely computerized. In 1990 we moved to Lake Charles where I work as the head cataloger of the public library. Visit our web site 

My oldest son Ken is an orthopedic surgeon in El Dorado, Ark. He and his wife, Daion, have 2 daughters, Gabrielle, 5, and Isabella, 2. And a third is due in May and the doctor is pretty sure it's a boy. My other son was married to Tracy Brown, a veterinary student, last summer. He is currently working for the state in social services. Dave and I hope to retire in 4 or 5 years (depending on the stock market!) We own property in Hot Springs Village, Ark., which in some ways reminds me of northern NJ in the 50s. It's got hills and lakes and is rural. But it also has lots of golf courses and is closer to my grandchildren. 

Dave and I like to travel. My goal was to see Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska, and we've been to all 3. But there are so many other beautiful and historic places in the world that I like to see or visit again. I don't think we'll be able to make it to the reunion, but this has been great hearing about everyone's lives and reiving the memories. 

Joan Hamilton Sietsma -
50 Year Update
We have been living in Florida since 2000 and finally went back and sold the house in June 2003.  My mom died that summer so we never had to tell her we had completely left NJ.  It was an experience moving all the treasures from NJ and very little furniture.  I still collect dolls and have over 3000, lost count and am active in two doll clubs being the treasurer of one.  Another hobby of mind is raising orchids and a membersip in the Manatee Orchid Society.  Still actively gardening, we have numerous fruit trees such as peach, orange, grapefruit, lemon, fig and banana and many different flowers.
 Both children live in Bradenton.  Our daughter, Susan, is married to a veteran and teaching at the middle school near our house.  Our son, Jonathan lives nearby with his wife, Amy, and 5 year old daughter, Emma.   They are both teachers in IMG academy, home to many famous tennis stars and now several other athletes.  Amy teaches English and Jonathan follows me in teaching mathematics.  They are expecting another child in October and we are all looking forward to this event.  Emma has been in prek this past year and spent afternoons with us.
Eddie and I are active members at Kirkwood Presbyterian church where I am a member of the Crafty Ladies and we both are members of the Woodworkers group.  We also volunteer at several other things there.  Eddie is quite an avid carver and is continually making carvings for all of us.  Since we live so near Disney World, we take several trips each year. We have also enjoyed several Disney cruises and were on the maiden voyages of The Dream and The Fantasy, plus the first trip to Alaska.  There is nothing like a Disney cruise, but it is always hard to leave our Shih tzu , Duffy.  He goes on vacation to our animal loving daughter who has 6 dogs of her own plus numerous other animals.  And yes, I am still sewing after all these years.  It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since graduation and I don't really feel that old.  Age is just a state of mind.  Looking forward to seeing all.  Joan       

40 Year bio:
After high school, I attended Hope College for one semester, then transferred and graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS in Mathematics and certified to teach Mathematics. I started teaching at Ramapo before I had even graduated and this lasted for 34 years. Never had intended to stay there that long. Thought I would marry, raise a family and be an at home mom. Only had two short leaves one from March to Sept. and the other mid-Jan. to Sept. when I had our two children. My parents had the opportunity to take care of our two kids and get them to nursery school, etc. I also had planned never to go back to schoo l after graduation, but in less than 6 months, I was back in FDU nights working on my Masters of Arts in Science. I then became certified for teaching all sciences. I continued on and took courses in special education, more science, more mathematics. Never thought I would be in school so long and even attending while raising two children and teaching. Don't know how I had the energy to do this, keep house, sew and garden.

In 1970, I married my childhood playmate whom some of you knew, Edwin Sietsma. We had played in the sandbox at 2 and rode bicycles to Coolidge School from 2nd grade into 5th grade when he moved to Arizona. After spending 6 months in Arizona, he returned to Midland Park, NJ. Since his uncle was married to my great aunt, I would hear about him every so often. When we went to college, this mutual aunt sent us each others address. We corresponded till Christmas, went out and I didn't see him for another 6 years when he called me. I had been teaching, working on my masters and he had dropped out of school and was drafted, sent to Germany during Viet Nam.

We dated only a few months, became engaged on my birthday and married 14 months later. In order to see me, he had to go back to college since I was busy working on my masters degree. Eddie started at FDU and then after we married, transferred to Montclair where he graduated as an Industrial Arts teacher. Eddie taught at Pompton Lakes and retired from there 2 years before me. We will be happily married for 32 years in June 2002 and have two children. Jonathan, our oldest, who is 26, is married and lives in Kentucky. He graduated from William Paterson University as a mathematics major and taught for one year in my place at Ramapo. Our other child, Susan, is 20 and is a sophmore political science major at University of South Florida. She is very involved in student government as vice president of it and is also an ambassador for the university. I don't know where she came by the outgoing personality since I was basically quiet and in the background in school. She lives with us in our Florida house and commutes to school. Yes, we live in Florida most of the time, but still have our house in Wyckoff. Officially, we are Florida residents, but do spend Christmas in the north and go up in the late spring to see my mom in the Christian Health Care. One of these days, we will sell the northern house and stay completely in Bradenton, Fl. We used to spend summers in Florida and our daughter has never been in NJ for a summer. We had a house here in Florida for the last 28 years and the present house was built for us 17 years ago. For a number of years, we took up sailing, first on a sunfish, then a force five, and finally a catamaran. We finally had enough of sailing and sold the last boat.

Presently, Eddie and I are enjoying retirement although I work part time at a local disney store in Sarasota. I was always shopping in the Paramus Park store so they offered me a part time job, that will be 4 years ago in Oct. I was teaching days and working nights and Saturday. Now I work in the Sarasota store when in Florida and the Paramus Park store during the holidays. It is a fun job and I enjoy all aspects of disney, especially pooh bear so it does not really seem like work. We spend many days at the parks and I have been on a disney cruise recently. Ed does alot of wood carviing and I still sew and garden. I just completed a whole bunch of dresses for the ambassadors at our daughter's university. There is never a dull moment in our lives and I wonder how we had the time to teach and do all the other things in life. Of course, we enjoy the beach and our spa too plus many other hobbies. I am an avid doll and teddy bear collector with two houses full. Lost count on the dolls when I hit a thousand. Still buying as well as making both teddies and dolls. My disney collection is quite large too. Maybe I need to start a museum so that I would have more room to display all of the collections.

If any of you get to Bradenton, Florida before the reunion, please look us up. Otherwise, we will see you in Oct. or the end of May when we will be in Wyckoff for a short time. Joan Hamilton Sietsma 904 72nd Street NW Bradenton, Fl. 34209 941-792-6466


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