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Below are bios sent for our 40 year reunion. Much has happened in 10 years, so email your updates and bios toward our 50th.
Bill Webb: After Ramapo I went to Michigan State.  During my freshman year I met Joan Miller, we dated through college and were married in June 1966.  From there we went to Penn State where I did graduate work in mathematics, and finally to Washington State University where I’ve been a math professor ever since.

We have two children, Rich 31 and Suzanne 28.  He’s an astronomer just completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the NASA facility in Ames, CA, but soon moving to Houston.  Suzanne is working  in human resources for Western Wireless and lives in Renton, WA.  Both are married, but no grandchildren so far.

We’ve had some nice opportunities for travel, some connected with math conferences in Europe and some purely vacation.  One highlight was a trip to the British Virgin Islands for our 25th anniversary.  We rented a 40’ sailboat and cruised for 2 weeks with the kids as our crew.

I teach a variety of courses and do research in several areas of mathematics including cryptography and fair division (how to divide something so that everyone gets a fair share).  Even wrote a book about it called Cake Cutting Algorithms (don’t worry, the “cake” is just a metaphor).  Also, I’m working on a project for the Air Force on how to transmit test flight data efficiently.

In my spare time, of which there is never enough, I still play tennis; Joan and I square and round dance, and I have recently begun to design art glass.

I probably won’t be able to attend the reunion, but have really enjoyed reading the biographies.  Hope everyone eventually sends one in.  Sounds like the reunion committee is doing a great job and the website is fabulous.

Margie Drobinske-Lastique:  Since graduating high school in 1962, I attended Fordham University, but graduated with a BA from the School for Social Research; earned a Master's degree in social work from Hunter College School of Social Work in 1968; married in 1969; gave birth to a daughter in 1975 and a son in 1978. I was active in community and school affairs through my children and the local art center through  a friend. I returned to social work in 1989 - first with  head Start/Day Care Center and presently with a community health center. I'm not yet computer literate (Oh, my!). Somewhere along the way, I became known as "Margaret."  I attained my dreams of being a wife, mother, and social  worker - and now I am trying to figure out the second half of my life. I'm a breast cancer survivor (diagnosed 6/85). I still like to laugh with friends, go out to eat, surround myself whenever possible with beauty - in people, with words, with art and music, and with nature. I'm looking forward to reading the reunion book! 

Roger Jordan: To put years of your life onto paper and convey the emotions that go with each event is almost impossible for me to do. For the most part, life after Ramapo was fantastic. In order of importance, I met and married one of the most beautiful, caring, outgoing and wonderful women ever. Pat was full of fun and always willing to help anyone, in any way. She was a great mother, wife, and my best friend. Pat passed away in December 1998 from breast cancer, which she had fought for her last 15 years. We were married when I was 20 and we lived in Oakland raising two daughters. Tracy, who is 37 and living in Shelton, Ct., and Kelly, who is 33 and living in Waxhaw, NC. For those of us who didn’t pay attention in history class – it is the birthplace of Andrew Jackson. Bot of our daughters are still single and enjoying home ownership and great jobs. I, on the other hand, retired from Nabisco after 35 years. I was a sales rep in NJ and the last 15 years in Fairfield, Ct. as a territory manager. We moved to Connecticut due to several promotions that Pat had received from Playtex, where she had worked for 22 years. I always enjoyed working as Cookie Man and am now enjoying retirement just as much. I tried living half a year in Ct. and the other half in a condo we owned in Ft. Lauderdale, but last year I sold them both and bought a condo on the intercoastal waterway with a huge view of the ocean, still in Ft. Lauderdale. It has been good to see that so many of us have moved south and I hope in the future that we can all get together down here. It’s a great place to live if you enjoy boating, swimming, tennis, and golf -- especially if you are over 55 and don’t like the cold. My thanks to the many people who put the reunion together and those who have put so many of us back in touch with each other. I can only wish that all my classmates have enjoyed the rich rewards of life that I have.

Gary Dross:
50 Year Update:
Now in my 10 th year of retirement, I’m just as busy as ever. Susan and I are now grandparents ( daughter Heather and granddaughter Hadleigh) with a second due in February. Youngest daughter Lacey will be married in August, 2013.  Wife Susan will be retiring in June, 2013 and we are looking forward to some warmer days in Florida during the winter months. I am still involved with winemaking and grapegrowing,  but at an amateur level;  this has now also branched into distilling brandy, vodka, and NY style bourbon.  Bicycling is still a passion, averaging 100-150 miles weekly and teaching spinning classes in the winter.  A fantastic experience was bicycling  thru the French Alps to Paris in 2004 while following the Tour de France.  I  went with a small group headed by Steve Bauer, 2 time Olympic medalist and former teammate of both Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong (some great stories !)  Other interests include Civil War history,  genealogy, and gardening.  Looking forward to seeing classmates at the reunion !

40 Year Bio:
Married to Susan with two daughters, Lacey 17, and Heather 22 . Lived on a 103 acre farm in Walker Valley, NY (Ulster County near New Paltz) from 1970 to 2000. We owned and operated a commercial vineyard and winery for 21 years and sold the farm and business in 2000. We currently live 7 miles outside of Middletown, NY on a lovely rural road. I've also taught at Orange County Community College since 1968 (minus a few years to expand the winery) and will retire this May. 

Current passions include family, genealogy, Civil War history, and bicycling. Recent bicycling trips have included the Erie Canal corridor across NY, the Adirondacks, several trips circumnavigating Lake Champlaign (NY, Quebec, Vermont), southern Florida and the Keys to Key West, and most recently the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Tijuana, Mexico (704 miles). Once retired, future trips will be along the Mississippi from its Minnesota source to New Orleans, across the USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and Europe. 

I've attended all the Reunions (1972, 1982, 1987, 1998, 2002) and have enjoyed each one immensely. It's very interesting to see what paths our classmates have taken, and to meet again and reminisce. Hopefully we will all be there for the 50 th, a real milestone ! 

Anne Mullowney-Petchel:
50 Year UPDATE
Married to Daniel 46 years in September.  Two sons, Marc and Matthew; and, five grands - Darby and Jordan (13 yr identical twins - Marc); Mason, 11 yrs., Eli, 8 yrs., Samantha, 5 yrs. - (Matthew). 

I retired from Rider University after 20 years as an administrator and am enjoying my time with grands, traveling, volunteering, reading and gardening.  My activities keep me so busy I can't begin to imagine how I ever had time to work!

I am sorry I can't make the reunion but I will enjoy being part of it electronically.

40 Year Bio
Married to Daniel, sons Marc and Matthew, grandchildren Jordan and Darby (twins) and Mason. I work at Rider University as the Manager of Business Operations for Facilities Management and spend my free time reading, gardening, cooking and participating in my husband's passion for Porsches for both daily drives and race events.  I've visited a race track or two or three . . .

Judy Jackson-Davis:
50 Year UPDATE: Looking forward to seeing everyone. A brief update. After RRHS I graduated from Mt. Ida College. Went on to fly for American Airlines. Was married in 1968. Divorced in 1981. Retired from AA in 2004. Had been with my significant other till his passing in 2008. Am now, enjoying old age spending summers at my house at Lake Tahoe, enjoying my view from abode in Sausalito, Calif, and spending the month of Oct. each year in SXM.
Hope this helps!

Wilma Kuiken-Redner
50 Year UPDATE: We are both doing well together for 31 years. We are snowbirds living in Pa on  a golf resort in our Rv. in the summer and in Largo Fla on the intercoastal and enjoying every minute of it. My children Darlene is in N.J. has a very succesful  career and has givin us two wonderful grandsons. My son Frank is also in N.J. and he and his wife have givin us two beautiful grand daughters. He also has a wonderful career . I am so proud of them.  In our spare time we love to play golf, I will never beat him but I have a good time trying. In 2005, had a tough year, broke my ankle have screws and a plate 5 surgeries on toes, blood clot to my lung. two bouts with cancer, but nothing can get this girl down. Living everday to it's fullest., and enjoying it. Can't wait to see you all

Bill Fanning
50 Year Update: Upon Graduation from Ramapo I relocated to Western PA and graduated from Alliance college with an Associates Degree in Mechanical engineering.   I was then accepted into the Talon, Inc (the people who made the first zippers in the US, originally known as the hookless fastener) Tool and Dye apprentice program.  I was the 1000th person to graduation from this apprenticeship.   During this time I med and married my sweetheart.  Virginia (Ginny) and I have now now been married for 46 years and have 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-laws and 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 20 to 12. 

After leaving Talon a few years after graduation I did some house building for a while before starting a Tool and Dye shop of my own.  My business partner Dave and I were together for 35 years until his son thankfully purchased my half and I retired 2 yrs ago.   Ginny had also retired from her nursing career so we are free to do the fun stuff.  Though we are still living in Western PA, we have  traveled extensively in the 48 states in our RV, enjoying retirement and spoiling our grandchildren. 

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