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Below are bios sent for our 40 year reunion. Much has happened in 10 years, so email your updates and bios toward our 50th.
Bob Fredericks: Moved to So. California 9/60.  Tried to break into show business on the basis of Master of Ceremonies, Ramapo Sophomore Class Talent Show (no dice).  Graduated Cal-State Long Beach 6/69.  Attended Brown Univ., Providence,R.I. and received M.A. 6/70.  Started with Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (later Drug Enforcement Administration) 10/70.  Assigned various posts of duty including L.A., Miami, South America, Bridgeport, CT. and FBI Academy.  Retired in Raleigh, N.C. 9/96 and moved to Tellico Village near Knoxville, TN.  Just purchased new Harley Davidson and am currently employed as a consultant for the U.S. Dept. of Justice.  Married and have two grown sons (also one Keeshond that thinks it's a human). 

Ron Osborn: My wife Nancy and I left New Jersey in 1972 and moved to Largo, Florida with our two kids and I worked as a cost accountant. In 1976, we moved to Naples, Florida where I was the controller for a chain of liquor and lounges.  We traveled to Colorado in 1976 and moved to a small town in the Rockies, Estes Park.  We had our own business, Osborn Auto Parts, and in 1988 became the Executive Director of a Trust for a working cattle ranch for youth and education. We all lived on a 1200 acre ranch in Estes Park.  In 1995, we moved to Loveland, Colorado and we purchased a pawn shop in Greeley and later in 1998 sold it and purchased a RV Dealership in Loveland.  As of the first of the year, I am consultant for one of the largest Bayliner boat dealers. Nancy and I enjoy traveling to warm locations (Mexico, Hawaii, etc.) and boating.  We have spent a lot of time on our 32' Larson and love Lake Powell.  Our daughter Tammy and her husband and two kids live here in Loveland and our son Chuck, his wife and son live in Alaska.  Hope to see you all soon. 

Mike Savage:  Married for 30 years to Maria (Mary Jane) Barbero of Fair lawn who is a graduate of Saint Lukes High School. One son, Christopher, 28 years old and living in Hermosa Beach California. Chris earned his masters degree at The University of Southern California and works as the west coast sales representative for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Division of Alcoa. I retired from the International Marketing and Sales Division of Ford Motor Company in 1999 and - very quickly - moved from Detroit Michigan (cold) down to Bradenton Florida (warm) where we built a retirement home in a small golfing community. During the last half of my career with Ford I was involved in the distribution of new vehicles throughout the world and had the opportunity to visit many foreign locations with a concentration on the Asian markets. The majority of our vacation time over the years has been spent in the Caribbean where we were able to pursue our interest in scuba diving. My interest during retirement continues to be scuba diving, and to which I've added, boating, fishing and lots of reading. As the man in the old orange juice commercial used to say " Come on down ! " :-)

Karin Westdyk:
50 Year UPDATE: Retired, moved to Belize in 2008, 21 acres on a river in a fastly disappearing jungle - solar energy, free-range chickens and ducks (we don't eat them because I gave them names - just the eggs, and they are devine), 8 dogs, building a biodynamic organic sustainable kitchen garden, also growing jatropha trees (biofuel) and neem trees (amaaaazing tree with many good uses including safe insecticide). Also avocado and lots of fruit trees. Just published first children's book - Flidgywumper. Write for the Belize AgReport and serve on Board of Director's of Liberty Children's Home. I am also Gringo Granny to 2 Belizean children and am blessed with now 10 of my own grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 26. We love Belize and highly recommend it. Anyone with good intention wanting to explore Belize is welcome to stay in our little mahogany guest cabin (with flush toilet) and incredible sunsets, but need to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle at the airport to get here in the rainy season. See my newest project: 

40 Year Bio: Been busy - graduated Wm Pat U at 30 while raising 8. All grown and doing well, living from Texas to London, they have blessed my life with 7 perfect granbabies -- one of whom is already driving. Had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela and Brazil -- love South America, but favorite R&R is snorkling at Warwick Beach, Bermuda. Moved from Wyckoff to country in 84 where I built simple, passive-solar, barn type house on mountain top, w/view of NYC and forest. Love living with the squirrels, and so does my cat Frisky. Having had the experience of managing (if you can call it that) a large household has turned me into a multi-tasker. In addition to parenting my children, which I believe was most important career, have had many work experiences from running a restaurant, to teaching, to travel agent, to writer and editor, to where I am now -- program director of a 107 bed homeless/battered women's/childrens' shelter ( where I do everything from sweeping floors and changing diapers to grants writing, program development, and strategic planning. Though I am totally dedicated to my work, my greatest passion is the environment -- two issues of major focus have been  preserving access to clean water resources, and alternative energy. I love to garden, though mostly grow great rocks on this mountain, and must move compost pile every 2 years to plant anything that needs good soil. Lots of great weeds -- Burdock, St. Johnswort, Echinacea, Hyssop, Rue, Mugwort, and Dandelion -- and some incredible trees -- Chinese Empress, Walnut, and White Birches (which are sadly disappearing). My other strong interest is art -- Helen Faucet and I have a gallery web site for artists to display and sell, their work ( It has been great reconnecting to the people and  the memories we shared having grown up together. Looking forward to seeing all again, before we approach the "second childhood" stage of life. Yikes!

Joe Druther: I lived in Wyckoff, Green Brook and Wayne, NJ until 1999. That  year I moved to Carlsbad California along with my wife Christine and my 2 daughters: Debra, 18, who is a first year Electrical Engineering student at Univ. California at Irvine (CA) and Danielle, 16, a sophomore at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad. I graduated Fairleigh Dickenson University with a BA in Economics/Business and attended William Paterson University where I completed 1/2 credits necessary for an MA in Communications. Christine graduated from Pratt University, with a BS in Nutrition and an MS in Public Health from Loma Linda University (CA). I am now working as a Consulting Engineer with Wireless Facilities, Inc, a telecommunications outsourcing firm in San Diego. 
Christine's website on breast cancer survival is at

Susan Johnson: Florida is fine, I am well and have two great sons, Chris 30, just got engaged and Greg 29 and on his way. 

Rit Van Duren:
50 Year UPDATE: Jennifer and I are now happily married.  Besides enjoying life in the Keys, I'm doing volunteer work with the NPS at Fort Jefferson and Jennifer is the Office Manager at our local Catholic Church.

40 Year Bio: Living in Florida since 1968. House in Florida Keys (Big Torch) and condo in Delray Beach. Two boys through college and gainfully employed.  Retired from IBM but hired back as a contract consultant  project manager. Most of my work  in Asia. Currently single but living with Jennifer (Watts) Kearny my HS sweetheart. My congradulations to the team pulling this together. Great job.

Elaine Ryan Rowin, Ramapo Class of '62
50 Year Bio update: 

John and I are currently awaiting the C-section birth in early October,  of our second grandson who will be named Cooper Neil Rowin.  He will join his 15 month old brother who is named Connor Pierce Rowin.  Our son Bryan is an Oakland Police Officer and his wife, Stephanie, works for a legal firm in Parsippany.  Our daughter Erin is an attorney at McElroy Deutsch in Morristown.  She and her husband Ralph have not started a family yet.

As for me, over the years I have worked as an RN at St. Joseph's in Paterson as well as an adjunct at Bergen Community College.  I left that behind when Bryan was born and did not return to the work force for eleven years.  Along the way, I was the first woman elected to the Borough Council in Oakland and, subsequently, the first woman elected Mayor.  I continue to be a member of the Oakland Planning Board.  I have been employed by Paterson Public Schools (the Academy of Health Science) for sixteen years  having started out as a health occupations teacher.  I have been out of the classroom for a number of years and have been doing discipline as well as being test coordinator - very interesting positions in a city like Paterson.

Some of our recent travels have taken us to San Francisco and New Orleans; we are currently looking to a trip to Rome in November.

I am looking forward to our class' 50th reunion but will miss my two best friends, Janet Tracy and Craig Strand  who will not be able to attend. While they won't be there in person they will certainly be sharing the evening in spirit.   It is sad to read the memorial list of classmates - such vivacious people, all of them; so hard to believe they are no longer with us.  Most of us can probably recount health concerns/scares that we have dealt with over the years but, thankfully, God has seen fit to keep us on earth.

God Bless all my classmates.

Elaine Ryan Rowin

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