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Ms Campbell grade4
Jane Drumm Roberts sent a treasure trove of pictures from the past. Click on photo of Ms. Campbell's 4th grade class for more pictures of Franklin Lakes early years. 
Thanks Jane.
turse Aloha everyone -
We are headed to my younger son's wedding about the same time you are all together for the 50th, so here is our pic just to let you all know we are doing fine.  I'm working on my second whole house remodel since retiring in 2004.  Wife Cindy is semi-retired, but thinks this is her last year of being a working school librarian, if only for summers.  Dog Roxy is my workout partner. 
Jim and Cindy Turse....
 From Gerry Winter

gw gw

Ths a photo of my wife, Sophia, whom I married in 2007, and my two married children, my son, Jeremy Winter,38, now teaching at Bergen Catholic and living in Randolph, NJ, and my daughter, Kim Mako,43, a manager at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC where she has also established her freelance writing career with published articles and short stories.
This photo of Nick and Rose Hudak and Tom and Marge Bickford was taken in June 2010 at Jerry Winter's son's wedding. 

Click on Barbara's Najar's photo to see her album

It is with much regret that I have to cancel my trip to New Jersey to attend the Ramapo Regional HS Class of 1962 reunion. My wife Fiona and I were so looking forward to the trip.  For me it was to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a “few” years and for Fiona, it was a chance to meet some of my old friends. For both of us it was a chance to have a wonderful weekend with friends and to visit our son Tommy on Sunday afternoon who is in his senior year at West Point.  Fiona, who is from Scotland, was looking forward to hearing “the true story” about my high school days at Ramapo.

I wish you all a super time and hope that we can stay in touch.  If any are ever in the Portland, Oregon area – let’s get together for a drink. I have attached a couple pics of us so that if anyone is so inclined you can have a drink and toast a missing classmate who wishes he could be there. On Saturday night we will lift our glasses and toast the Ramapo Class of 1962.
Cheers - Tom Milligan


John and Paula Rauscher


Karin Westdyk with friends
at Rancho de los Amigos in Belize

L to R
Julio with Lolo (parrot), Jens from Switzerland, Mac, Karin, and Roxanna (I am her gringo granny)

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