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1960 Ramapo Student Handbook Dress Code from Joe Druther

The school is still there. How many Oaklandites still have their 8th Grade rings. I do and will bring it to the reunion. Mr. Perillo was still well when he retired. Mr.McCollough, Mrs. Aeshbach, Mrs, Brinster, Mrs. Setterfield died, and Mr. Levekia (How much is 3 dowers plus four dowers) died after being principal of Heights. The older teachers must all be gone. But I am unsure of Mrs. (Vivian) Schmidt, Miss Malatesta, and Mr. Cassio. After a serious heart attack, Mr. Guzzo, after retiring as principal of Manito is still living. See Dave (Bugsy) Barwick this past week at the Oakland diner overlooking Pleasureland, I can report that his Mom at 86 is still living independently in her house on the river. She had been one of the "cafeteria" ladies along with Mrs. Bomberger and Mrs. Hock, but later became town clerk in Oakland for many decades. All of the town's records were recorded in her script till just a few years ago when they had to put everything on computer. Dave told me the story of when he came up from Atlanta and stopped in the Municipal Bldg to surprise her. She looked him dead in the eye without recognition and said,  "State your business."  So remember class, before we get that old, come back for the reunion. Jerry Winter

I poked around the outside of the old Oakland Grammar School last fall.  It still looks the same except for a large addition on the back.  Looking through the windows, the old 1st and 5th - 8th grade classes look like they haven't been changed at all - varnished knotty pine cabinets at the back of the rooms and dark brown tile on the floors. Joe Minarick

I remember moving to Wyckoff from Ridgewood and starting fourth grade with Nan Louck's mother as the teacher on April 1st - what a day to start a new school. I remembber the field days too and getting poison ivy from somewhere on the field. Mr. Murphy took the whole bus to Clixie's on one St. Patrick's day for ice cream cones. I agree, Coolidge does look the same except for the addition.  We rode bikes to the brook on Ravine Ave. and Tom's soda bar for cokes and french fries. Carol (Van Der Horn) Van Dyk

I happened to ride by Coolidge School today and they have a new beautiful sign on the lawn that says Calvin Coolidge School and the sign is very attractive, very Wyckoff, but the school looks, to me, the same, perfect, just the way I remember.  I remember the playground and also practicing for air raid drills, (scared the you know what out of me), but I survived like we all did.  The teacher was Miss Mastenbrook, the perfect 1st. grade teacher and I was in that picture, not exactly sure which seat, because I don't have the picture in front of me but I remember all my fellow classmates.  Anybody remember Mr. Murphy, our school bus driver, who would give us candy if we wore green on St. Patrick's Day.  He also would also sing to us in a great tenor voice on the way to school, which always soothed all the anxieties that we all had. Thanks for the great reminder. Barbara Jans Castello 

Yes, I am in the first grade picture too and remember all my classmates.  The four oaks are only 3 now as disease got one of them and the school is basically the same except for the additions such as the gym/auditorium which  replaced the old incinerator which burned Carol Pillar's books when we were in fourth grade because she had some childhood disease.  My two kids went all through Coolidge as we did.  Many memories still remain with that old school. Remember when we collected money and bought a tree for the school. It is on  the front lawn.  Mr. Murphy had a massive stroke the week after his daughter's wedding and was paralyzed.  I used to visit him until he died.  Do you remember all the fun we had at field days?  And the 5th grade class with Mrs. Quackenbush right by the office because we were so bad.  I used to ride my bike to school with Ed Sietsma who I later married.  He moved to Arizona when  we were in 5th.  Oh the memories.  Joan Hamilton Sietsma

Anyone remember the "four oaks" on the play ground (Coolidge School). It was actually a cluster of three oak trees. Legend had it that so many kids went to the bathroom on the trees that one of them died. I know I tried to kill the other three.  Steve Decker

Tom Milligan forgot to mention in his bio that, when he was at Grumman in 1982, he let my son, Jeremy, age seven, get into the cockpit of an X29. The Pentagon would have gone nuts, I'm sure, but Tom and I had become best of buddies after graduating from Ramapo when we were lifeguards during college at Pleasureland in Oakland. For you folks who knew Pleasureland and Muller's Park and haven't been back in a while, the parks look like a scene from "Sleeping Beauty" with trees having grown through picnic tables and the pools. The First Aid building still stands with echoes of illegal drinking from the past and plenty of skinny dipping. This Tuesday I'm getting together with Dave "Bugsy" Barwick who was there with Tom Milligan and I from 1962-1966. Dave's a photographer and has lived in Atlanta, GA for 20 years. Jerry Winter 

Bob Fredericks and I didn't mention how we've remained best of friends despite a ten year lapse from age 16 when Bob moved to CA, and age 26 when he returned east to attend Brown U. After Bob joined the DEA my wife and I travelled many times to visit Bob and his wife, Karen, and there two boys who got along great with my son. We had the chance to spend a month in Ecuador with Bob. Saw the bullfights in Quito, rode down the headwaters of the Amazon in a canoe on the Rio Napo and styed at the very rustic Hotel Jaguar. Bob's lived in 20 homes and I have the hand-sketched road maps to each one. I have been blessed to have Bob, Nick Hudak and Tom Bickford as close friends for over 50 years. Jerry Winter

Wow. I was in Oakland in 1991.  That was the last time I have been there. Oakland beach is all grown up with weeds, the Ramapo River looked like it was a bomb site -- hardly any water in it, I understand that  the dam by Sandy beach had washed out and they just didn't rebuild it, another progress in life.  Kathy Trefethan

Hey Mike, are you still driving that Mercury you used to come by the playground in back in 1958/59?  Bob Fredericks 

Billl Sprague's comments to the Ramapo Band while temporarily directing us once, "Look guys, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake, just make sure it is a LOUD mistake!".  His witt and talents are missed. Bob Caggiano

Pete T came in with a mohawk because we all - Bosshardt, me, Kinack, Demarco, etc. had made a pact that we would all do it. --NOT-- The next day when we got to school the joke was on PETE - hot stuff - our kids have nothing on us. RRon Esak

Buzzy, Let's hope so. Remember our Freshman Home Room teacher, Miss Gill, whom we sent to an early retirement before Thanksgiving?  She was replaced by Mrs. Smith who called Bill Sprague "Spraguelet". Jerry 

Clixies is still operated by the original family, third generation. I can still picture the Wyckoff PD going through the trash cans behind Tom's Soda Bar looking for betting slips. How about Johnny & Norms-Hamburger and a mug of root beer- 55 cents and no sales tax. Remember drag racing on RT 208 where it ended at Colonial Rd.. Remember RT S4B, when it was dirt all the way back to Fairlawn(now RT208). Hey Olivia remember after the prom in the farm pasture across from Jim Conrad's with the crew? OK all you dirty minds out there, it was totally innocent! Remember when beer was the nasty thing, boy did we see some changes in life styles. How about the original WoodStock? Later, Howie  2/13/02

Tom's Soda Bar was not a bookie shop. I worked there during high school. Got  the job after Fred Theiss class of 60 graduated. Remember bringing your shotguns to school so that you could go hunting after school - on S4B. Shame on you Buzzy Wade..had an accident just before graduation....CAUSED BY A CIGARETTE !!!! 36-7-23  That is my locker combination- for all of you who tried to get it. Joe Druther 2/13/02

Woodstock?? I was supposed to go with Larry Kent but backed off when I saw the weather report.  I did get to engineer the combined police emergency communications for Woodstock II in Saugerties. Joe Druther 2/13/02

Barb, Remember how George used to "snow slide" with his car taking us home from school to Bonnie's when the rest of us couldn't drive yet, we weren't Mike Savage, after all that snow in early '61?  J. Winter 2/13/02

Bonnie - Gerry's rendition is completely accurate ! There was a line at the door and Joel - as usual - was playing comedian. I'm sure he thought one of us was in there - imagine HIS shock. The john was on the left of the bathroom and the tub directly behind. As the door opened my father was doing his business, turned away from the door to block whoever's view, lost his balance, fell back, soaked the wall etc., tore down the shower curtain and ended up in the tub. Just another one of life's moments. You know something ? These emails are just like being at a reunion ! Regards, Mike savage 2/13/02

Howard, wasn't Moose, Son of Starr?  My old gas station dog?  jt  2/13/02 

Hey Joe, I'm talking about the Soda Bar in the 70's when I had my business next door. Remember my guard dog Moose, he was one mean dude. The Wyckoff PD would talk about him at their meetings and Ed Carr made a bet that he could get Moose to eat dog crackers out of his mouth. Ed almost had it made, he would come to my shop with a box of dog crackers and a six pack and try to train Moose, it was all going as planed until Ed ran out of crackers, Ed got stitches and Moose got quarantined for 30 days. After many nites of the trash can searches Moose got use to the cops coming around. Later, Howie  2/13/02 

Yes, Howie and I remember some pretty fantastic rides in your 40 Ford with the full house olds.  And also the 62 Fuelie Vette.  Like over 100 mph on Godwin Ave?   I also remember trading cars one night since you had a date and my 62 Red Impala Conv had a "rear seat"  hahaha John Topp 2/13/02 

Hi everyone, 
It is really fun to read all the correspondence.  Jerry and Buzzy...so kind of you to remember our outfits but sadly I no longer have mine.  The good news is I probably could still fit in it.  Bonnie, maybe we should find some new ones before the reunion but lets try Chanel suits this time. Joe, my favorite memory of you was in 7th grade when you sat directly in front of Mr. Manganello and for some unknown reason  he slammed a yardstick on your desk and never missed a beat. Gay Lengyel Strang  2/13/02 

There were also the camp outs and "woods parties" off of RT 208 before it was paved. Lots of beer drinking and cops chasing us to through the woods to break it up. The next day it would be telling all the stories about how who got caught and had to have their parents pick them up at the police station; who almost got caught but was hiding under a bush with a cop standing on their hand, and who escaped just from sheer fear and speed running through the woods at night. It was almost a contest to see who had the most scrapes and scratches inflicted by whatever except obstacle we collided with during flight. Those things were so exciting then but seem so innocent now by today's standards. We had great fun and I miss it and all of you, Angela 2/13/02 
P.S. I was the one under a bush with a cop standing on my hand.

Hi All, Love reading all your comments. We all have our favorite memories and it is great to share with each other and to pick up where the other leaves off so to speak.  Mike and Gerry, the Knock-outs were one of my favorite groups, the song is called "Darling Lorraine"  and the reason I remember that so well is because I won a round of drinks for my table just by identifying the song and the artist by the first few notes.  I remember the Route 4 &17 drive-ins well.  I spent many Saturday nights there with my then boyfriend, George Couse, class of 1960, who is still my good friend.  Joe Druther, saw you not to long ago cutting down Christmas trees but I remember when you first came to Coolidge School.  The teacher had you showing off your math skills to the whole class. You were way ahead of us all.  And of course Shortway's we all had to be there at least once in our lives and many of us lots more than once.  Where is Linda Levandowsky?  Spent many of days walking to Tom's soda bar with Linda and Mary Jo Hoenig. We always hoped one of the guys would drive by and bring us home.  It worked  most of the time. Karin, remember the time I climbed in your window on Princeton Ave. You were supposed to be grounded and your parents were in the next room but we talked and laughed for hours and got away with it. Ron Esak and entire group, thanks for all your hard work on the reunions, past and present.  Great  job. Bonnie, Gay, Jill Redyke, Mary Jo, remember the PB club?  Joan Sietsma, hi we go way back, don't we.Talk to you all later.   Barbara Jans Castello
Clixes. Mrs.Giante's niece still teaches at Ramapo.  She was Miss Giante our freshman year, later married and left and now returned after a second  marriage.Market Basket. Mr. la conte telling us how stupid we were and lecturing us-half the senior english class with him did not graduate. Joan Hamilton
Shortway's Barn ?? They sent me through college. I tended bar there on weekends in order to pay 
tuition.- Joe Druther
People I miss in my old age today are Frannie Siegel, and my first love, Janet Daniels, from 1951.  I miss Margie Goldsmith, especially when I remember Mr. Pohl's freshman science class, and he would tell Marjorie that she looked constipated and ought to see the nurse. Mr. Pohl used to tell the freshman team that we were "stupid like in sceince". I miss "Tomato" Tony DeMarco our soccer goaly and Ronnie Esak will never forget his first reunion party over the holidays when Tony pulled a Mike Tyson on one of Janice Livsey's boyfriends. Anyone remember the Ramsey sorority party when Tony got drunk and kicked in the band's drum? And Kathy T, I remember swinging on tires and ropes into the Ramapo River at Oakland Beach across from "The Colony". And Evan if you're listening, remember "the Protsky Jab" and when she dragged you to the pricipal by your nose in 6th grade, and when  I sat on the handlebars of your "puddle jumper" when the Oakland Rec was under excavation and we went down a hundred foot if it was a mile dirt cliff, head over heels and couldn't stop laughing even though every bone and muscle ached? J. Winter
OK Wyckoff People...Miss Giante - The terror of Lincoln School, Roger Clarke -- One of the best..used to drive me home after giving me detention..how can you not like a person like that.-- Spring Lake, Tom's Soda Bar, Harned's, Wostbrock Pond, Iceskating at King's Pond or Gypsies Pond. After college - The Barn on Sicomac Ave. Tuesday Night Anyy more? Joe
Oaklandites, Where is Kathy Sidney?  My Kingdom for a horse! When I lived in Pequannock from '93 till '01, I ran into Elaine Meredith who used to pretned she was horse, too, along with Kathy and also was a fine artist specializing in horse drawings.  J Winter
Hi Bonnie. Based on your note it looks like a couple of us were driving long before we should have been. I remember one 4th of July driving over to the Allendale fireworks to watch the display. A cop car pulled in and parked  right next to me! We both just sat there watching the show. The more classmate notes that I see the more I am remembering. How many  remember -- Benders Stand when it was really a small wooden "stand" with a window to hand you the food through -- 208 between Franklin Lakes and Oakland when it was still dirt --  How about swimming at the Ringwood "iron mines" up off of
Skyline Drive -- Stuarts Root Beer stand on Route 17 -- Rut's Hut on S-3 in Rutherford.  Someone mentioned The Longpond Inn in Greenwood lake in an earlier note. How about The Mountain Lakes Inn - on the other side of the lake - and the group named the Knock-outs ? And Mother's just down the street up on the hill? -- The Stuarts Root Beer stand on the way up to Greenwood Lake -- The great beer party at Angie Monteramano's around 1960 -- Playing cards at The Big Lake in Oakland --All the kids cars having "glasspacks" and "moon" wheel covers - or, maybe 57 Cadillac wheel covers with the red centers -- The Rainbow Room in Sufferin N.Y. (sp?) -- The "Hub" bowing alley up on Route 59 -- Sandy Beach in Oakland along the Ramapo River. The "cool kids" from Patterson used to go there and dance "the grind". This was right across from where John Martin lived by 202. Evan Hadnot was just a couple
blocks away.  How about "The Teen Canteen" that used to be held in the basement of the Oakland library or whatever that building was in front of the grammar school. And my all time favorite - The Drive-In Movie down by 4 and 17 -- How many  have memories of that place ???
 This is getting out of hand. I'd better quit for a while. My best regards, Mike Savage
Bonnie & Gay, I hope you babes are going to wear your black and white plaid "lesbie friends" twin outfits to the Reunion. I plan to wear one of my "steadies" shirts. Jerry
Hey, good for you Jerry.  I remember those little numbers too.  Do you think Gay & Bonnie still weigh
about 95 lbs?    Bill Wade
Gay Does. Bonnie
Joe, Speaking of Long Pond Inn, remember "The Knockouts" and their hit song "Lorraine" and the fat guy in the band who imperonated Fats Domino? J. Winter
Mike, Remember your dance party in 8th Grade and Joel Van Howe opened the bathroom door that faced the living room where all the girls were lined up to use it next. You Dad was fully engaged and when he saw all of the girls watching him, he fell into the tub and tore down the shower curtain. Joel if you're out there you must remember.  Anyone from Oakland Valley School must remember the classic Norman Praet dance and makeout parties, and how all the boys were nuts for Norm's mom.  Jerry
Jerry Winters - What a memory ! That was in 1958 - which is 44 years ago ! And I do remember it well. When we were older Joel used to come up with that story in some of the better bars - like Shortways in Hawthorne. We wouldm laugh until we cried and. of course, "you had the be there" to really appreciate the situation. Thanks for remembering - I think.:-) Mike Savage
For fellow Oakland swamp rats, rememnber the days of "Cullie's Quizzes", and singing pop songs and The Ballad of Davy Crockett in Mrs Sarsfield's music classes?  Jerry Winter
For Mike Savage:
Mike, Remeber when your mom let you drive her car to Seals in Oakland to get her cigarettes and you were barely 15? And the time you, Bob Fredericks and I got pulled over by the Oakland cops, Bob Culver, for "throwing lights at rocks" at the top of Navajo on Valley Rd. Those were the days before the '60s when life was so simple, and we couldn't drive yet, and had to ride our bikes or walk or hitch from one town to the other, and the most dangerous thing in Oakland was a pack of Luckies.  Jerry Winter
Okay, with all the e-mails being passed around, I thought I'd provide a little entertainment, bring back some good memories and hopefully put a smile on some faces.  Kick back, enjoy this, turn up your speakers...and yeah...go ahead and dance in the aisles...we've earned it!  Bob Caggiano 
Bob sent a music file entitled Music and a 57 Chevie, but could not figure how to link it, so if you missed hearing it, email Bob.
Remember graduation rehearsal when they took Ron Esak away for talking in the bleachers and we all chanted and protested until the faculty had to bring him back? Little did we know that we were already on the cutting edge of  the Sixties. See you at the 40th.  Jerry Winter
It was Fred Mendoza and Ron Bosshardt who made the whole thing up. We laugh every
time we get together. The 60's high points.  Also the story about me and the talking was not
accurate.  It went as follows.   During graduation practice, Mr claxton was shaking our right hands
and handing us the diploma in the left hand. When, during the practice he went to shake my hand,
I gave him the empty hand thumbs up sign. That got me thrown out !  If all you guys had'nt
rebelled,  I would still be in the bleachers without a diploma!   Hot stuff these memories. 
Wright, Bosshardt and I cant see each other without pulling the same old shit.  Hand shakes are
a challenge every time.  We laugh like hell and our kids think we're crazy.   Ronnie Esak 
Karin here, having fun building this web site and thinking about days gone by. -- Intense hopscotch battles with Barbara Jans, who was a fierce competitor and a better hopscotch player; pajama parties at Sue Braun's where we all got poison ivy running through the woods in our baby doll pajamas; NAN'S GRANDMOTHER'S ATTIC; skating on Zabriskie's Pond; and the endless supply of "Romance" comic books. -- That infamous night we stayed out waaaaay past curfew and got in trouble because Helen forgot to call home; Spring Lake; climbing the water tower for a sun bath and a Parliament. -- Smelling an elephant on top of the RCA buuilding; the Cape; Miss Smith; Mrs.Gionti's (cabinet) knobs and forced sentence diagraming (thanks, Mrs. Gionti!); reciting the Declaration of Independence for Mr.W.; playing hookey and going to the lake. Can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning but have vivid recollections of growing up with the class of 62. Karin Westdyk
Picture this: June 1962 -- The graduating class of "62' teachers gave the class a party in the school
cafeteria! After the party a small group of would be graduates from Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes and Oakland (you know who you are) -- Some of the names come back to me but I don't want to let anyone get away, so I'll let it slide for now. Back to the story: the "Group" decided it would be great fun to go "Skinny Dipping" in Shadow Lake. Little did we know the lake had just been treated with weed killer. Well the next day at a class assembly for graduation practice an announcement was made: Will the people who went swimming last night at Shadow Lake report to the nurses office for shots to counter act the weed killer chemicals. If you do not receive these shots you may break out in a complete body rash. Instant panic -- some went for the shots and those of use who did not get their shot did not get any type of the mentioned rash. I have been doing some research on this matter and found out that the shots for the weed killer rash are only good for 40 years so the people who require an updated injection must report to the reunion to obtain the necessary injection. Regards to all. Go Raiders, Howard Galcher 
Dang you guys were bad.  The only thing I really remember is when my brother and Dick Brady and a few others took cherry bombs an threw  them down the sewer pipes and blew the sewer system and the glass corridor. The school was about 2 yrs old then.  What a mess that was. No one ever knew who did  it. So,  guys your days were just the fun times, nothing that serious. I still laugh about how Claxton and a few others went looking to the kid that wasn't really registered.. LOL -- to funny. God those were the good old days. As I talk with my daughter and she tells me what her kids can't do, and I think of all the great times I had as a kid growning up. Time changes so much that we dont take time to think any more. Any  one know who the principal was, 40  yrs is too long to think . Hey I will talk to ya all later.  Have
tons of  funny emails to send . So take care and stay safe. Kathy Smith (Trefethen}
The principal was David T. Ross who later married the head of the math department, Janet Dunning. 
Joan Hamilton Sietsma
Ron,  Thanks for the correction on your ousting from rehearsal. I often tell friends how Langly yanked Pete Morris from his seat in class becasue he came to school with the first Mohawk in the FLOW area, then threw him in his car and took him to the barber to have his head shaved. I'd like to see that scenario on "Boston Public"   Jerry
Anybody remember our trip to the draft board in Hackensack? It seemed like all the guys who were not in college from our class were there. The bus trip to Newark? I can still remember the short asian guy, I think the only English he knew was "pee in the bottle". I can remember get togethers in Suffern, Spring Valley, "the Lake". Dancing till 2 AM. Long Pond Inn - Saw the  "Young Rascals" there as welll as other top groups of  the 60's. I turned 18 the day we graduated..June 17, 1962.. How many others went down to Seaside the next day? Joe Druther
I remember one of our class gifts to Ramapo - It was the drapes used as scenery for "Brigadoon"--donated to us by the class of '61. Talk about being cheap. Joe Druther
Mike, I remember azz-a-lia.  To this day, whenever I have the chance, I say azz-a-lia and have a good laugh never letting the strange looks I receive bother me.  I remember the day, it must have been a Saturday, Gay and I walked all the way to that store out in the middle of nowhere in Franklin Lakes and got so tired, we called one of our dads to come drive us home. We never made it to Oakland.  Your mother let you drive when you were 15! My older son took my big, hard-to-manage Buick (what else?) and drove into town, parked, looked at the trains in Wayne Toy Town and drove back home when he was 14.  And he took his younger brother and a neighbor's boy who was only 9 with him!  I did not find out about it until 4 years later.  The neighbor's boy told his mother. Bonnie F. Wood (Fisk)
Keep going Mike, I remember getting shot at up by the Macavoy Tower, cause that was private properity, went swimming with Robet Teevan and Wayne Wikels..I know Robert Teevan  is dead but never did hear what happened to the Wikels . My Dad had Oakland beach n for yrs use to have swim parties there any one remember them? take care .......Kathy (Trefethen}
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